Frequently Asked Questions

What is Re-Manufactured toner cartridge and just compatible cartridge? And how different are they?

When we re-manufacture a cartridge, we disassemble every single parts, clean, replace major parts such as drum, blades, rollers, etc. And then we refill the OEM toner powder. So, the case, gears and screws are the ones only re-used. It performs OEM quality.

Compatible cartridges are pretty good, and getting better on quality and reliability, however, I would prefer re-manufactured ones, because they are better and cheaper.

Does it help to save extra money, if I bring my own empty cartridge?

Saving is already applied. Bringing empty cartridge help us to rotate the recycling. If you didn’t bring any empty cartridge or don’t have cartridge to recycle, we buy the empty cartridge from somewhere. And there are many other cases that we should buy empty cartridges, such as “introductory cartridges” or “starter cartridges” which come along with the printer purchase, that we cannot recycle, broken or reached life time limit. We don’t charge you extra for any of these cases, as well as bringing empty cartridges doesn’t give extra discount.

What can I expect on quality for GenInk’s printer cartridges?

There should be no difference in print quality between OEM and a properly re-manufactured cartridge. GenInk uses genuine parts and materials to meet OEM performance.

Doesn’t refilled or re-manufactured cartridges works lower page yield?

THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN PAGE YIELD. We wish we could refill more ink or toner, but it rather makes trouble.

FYI, the page yield depends on the interaction of the printer and the cartridge’s chip. It counts by page, assuming the ink (or toner) would fill 5% of the page. Therefore, users who prints letters and numbers only will see expected page yield, while users who prints more pictues and graphs will see the ink or toner depleted earlier.

It doesn’t work. I think it is defective. What can you do?

Though we aim for perfection and we 100% test before packing, defective can happen. Just simply bring the cartridge back to the store. It will be replaced or refunded.
Was the cartridge spare, so that has been quite a long time since purchased? No problem. It is what it is.

Will using refilled or re-manufactured cartridges refuse my printer warranty?

Law prohibits printer manufacturers to refuse their warranty obligations on the grounds that a consumer did not use the original manufacturer’s replacement cartridge. And that’s the reason why even major retail stores are selling Re-Manufactured or Compatible products as well. However, nowhere’s cost effective as GenInk. Huge savings and the best service available, when you support local.

Am I really helping the environment when using your service?

Absolutely! Each wasted cartridge adds approximately three pounds of unnecessary garbage to our land – waste that will take at least 450 years to decompose. What GenInk does is to reduce those waste. For every cartridge we refill and re-manufacture, it’s one less new cartridge that needs to be produced and entered into the waste stream. Choose the green side. Work with us!

Does GenInk collect empty cartridges?

Yes, we do. GenInk is the best green spot for the city’s empty cartridges. Recycle for Fredericton!

FREE empties pick-up services available.

What brands does GenInk carry?

For laser toner cartridge re-manufacture: HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark, DELL, Xerox (not all models)

For inkjet cartridge refill: HP, Canon, EPSON (not all models here after), Lexmark, DELL

Not sure?

Just click here for inquiry.

Can I really get it delivered without extra charge?

Yes. For business customers in Fredericton, New Maryland and around city limit, we deliver the goods and collect the empty cartridges.

For payment, Debit, Credit Card, Cash, and Cheque at sight are available.

We deliver between 8:30 am to 09:30 am without extra charge. Just call us (506-451-1896) or click here to schedule the delivery.

Location? Business Hours?

810 Hanwell Rd. (Unit C), Fredericton, New Brunswick (E3B 2R7)
Monday – Friday 09:30 am to 05:00 pm
Saturday 10:30 am to 01:00 pm
(Sunday and Public holidays closed)